Women I Love Series #3: Sarah Jenks

Written By: Erin Bach

For the last few weeks, I’ve been sharing with you some badass women who are currently rocking my world when it comes to intuitive eating and body acceptance. This week is Sarah Jenks! If you missed the last couple, you can catch up here and here

Sarah Jenks came into my life years ago through her signature program, Live More, Weigh Less. At the time, I desperately wanted to lose weight because I thought then I’d finally be able to love my body (oh, silly younger me).

Don’t let the words “weigh less” fool you—Sarah’s focus isn’t on diet or losing weight. She promotes listening to your body, not waiting on the weight, and lovin’ on yourself in the present. A message I can get behind!

Her story of emotional eating is similar to my own, and I felt connected to her message right away. It took a couple years before I had the funds to take the program, but even through just her social media and newsletters I found advice and inspiration.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I love Sarah:

#5 She embraces change

When I started following her, Sarah was newly married and living in San Francisco. Right now, she has two kids (with one on the way) and recently moved to an amazing property in Massachusetts (that literally has a moon lodge on it for yoga and retreats!).

I tell you this because as she’s changed as a woman and mother, her business has organically shifted as well. She’s been open about her struggles as her body has grown and nourished children, but she embraces this evolution gracefully instead of desperately trying to cling to the body she had before.

  #4 She’s not perfect  

Yes, there are times when I want to hate her a little bit because she seems like one of “those women” who have it all together. But I appreciate that she will often make comments like “Right after this picture, my kids screamed and knocked their food all over the place” to show the reality behind the “perfect” picture.

#3 She connects women to themselves (and each other)

Whenever she posts pictures of the gatherings she holds for women, I swoon. Her attention to detail mirrors the intentional, supportive space she creates for women. These gatherings (both in person and online) help women not only connect with themselves, but also see others on the same path so they know they’re not alone.  

#2 She’s woo woo in the best way

Tarot cards, crystals, bath rituals, earth energy, full moons, altars, oh my! What some may call “woo woo,” I call essential. I love seeing a successful businesswoman connecting to the divine feminine!

In a recent Facebook live workshop, she commented that when it comes to this spiritual, wild nature, “all women are like this at their core, they just need permission to go there.” (If you need a permission slip, read this).

#1 She celebrates the human body

Whether she’s embracing the feminine essence of her own body or helping other women see the beauty in themselves, Sarah’s work reminds us that our bodies are magic, worthy of reverence and attention. Sometimes that may come in tight skirts and red lipstick, other times it may be skinny dipping under a full moon. The effect is the same: celebrate yourself!

(photo credit: Melissa Hoffmann)