Dream Job or Love of Your Life?

“Pack up or move out.” Did your significant other just get the job you were hoping they wouldn't get in the middle of Boringville,USA? Aaaaaand you're expected to follow THEIR dream and throw yours away? We all come to those forks in the road that will change our life forever. Key word: CHANGE not end. Just when you thought you had your life together and you're finally at the right place at the right time...BAM! Life sucks you into a hell hole and you find yourself back to that damn square one. A square you have seen too many times. Let me walk you through some simple ways Sara McCord explains in her article about balancing her life with her main squeeze.

  1. Have the “future” talk. Meaning, if you don't share the vision of ending up together in a nursing home and eating applesauce together, then what are you doing together? Before breaking a lease or changing your address figure out where you both stand in the long run.

  2. Do you have each others back? One person's’ happiness doesn't trump the others. With that said make sure you are both happy. The same things don't have to make you happy. That's totally ok. However, you both should feel fulfilled with your new surroundings.

  3. Talk to your peeps. Yup, easy as pie. Reach out and talk to your friends. Talk about anything. Find a way to fill that void you have in case you're missing home. Learn to talk about other things rather than your job. Sara says at a job interview you talk about your skills and not the job itself. Talk about your new experiences and current feelings. A real friend will listen.

  4. Don't stop thriving! Continue to work on your career goals. Just because you have to start over in a new place, doesn't mean your minimum wage job should go filed under worthless experience. Instead of rubbing it in your partner's face that you left a good thing you had going and are now hating your job all because you moved for them, find a way to help build your character up and be a better person.