Crazy for Chickpeas


I have a major sweet tooth. I’ll admit to it, I’m not ashamed of it. I belong to the Cold Stone member club, I love cookies (especially the deep dish sundae from UNO’s) cupcake pancakes from IHOP, I’m all for the sugar. Except I’ve been trying to pick more healthier choices lately, not a diet by any means just extra vegetables and fruit. Sweet tooth still very much intact, has made it difficult to accomplish this when I really want cookies at 2am (I’m a certified night owl). Of course a lot of people suggest things like peanut butter and Nutella, only I’m allergic to nuts! (you never know how many healthy recipes use nuts until you can’t eat them).

Then I found dessert hummus. Yes you read that right. Now before you get grossed out, keep an open mind! They’re actually really good.


Delighted by Hummus offers four different dessert flavors: brownie batter, vanilla bean, snickerdoodle, and choc-o-mint. All flavors are still made from the same main ingredient of regular hummus, just no garlic, lemon, or olive oil. The best part? All of the flavors are dairy free, vegan safe, gluten free, and of course nut free.


My personal favorites are the brownie batter flavor and vanilla bean. They’re perfect for dipping fruit in, frosting cupcakes, or adding to smoothie bowls in the morning!

I still eat what I want, when I want, I can’t say no to sweets ever. I’ll take a healthy and sweet snack though, that I can actually eat and enjoy without clutching my epi-pen. Delighted by Hummus can be found in Whole Foods and Walmart, but their website also has a handy store locator. Eat dessert hummus and smash the patriarchy