A Sunday kind of girl

I'm a work week lover, however I have to admit I'm 150% a "Sunday kind of girl".

I wake up every morning with a hundred of things to do, and excited to achieve my goals. However, it would be a major lie to say I don't look forward to the weekend, most specially to Sunday. Isn't the last day of the week perfect? We get to unwind, and to have that well deserved "me time".

I know it's just Tuesday, but I want to share with you some of my favorite (and affordable) tips to enjoy Sunday to the fullest.  You might find out we have one or two things in common, my fellow peach! ;)

- Cozy it up! - Find some clothes that make you feel comfy & sexy (like the goddess you are!), and get ready to rock the day without "uniforms". My favorite Sunday outfit includes an off the shoulder t-shirt, and some soft sweat pants, or shorts. Being able to move around without something tight, gives me a sensation of freedom and empowerment (yes, I'm talking specially about going bra-less)

-Home spa for the win - Our skin and energies are often a bit beaten up after a long week, and weekend shenanigans. Sunday is the perfect day to recharge, and refresh! Light up those aromatic candles, and find online the best homemade beauty masks. We don't need to spend a large amount of money to pamper our skin, and decompress (but If you can do it, go for it. Don't forget to add a relaxing massage to the package too!) 

-Indulge yourself (with moderation) - We all have that special bite we've been fantasizing about during the week - specially those strict dieters -. On the last day of the week, spoil yourself a little and enjoy every bite of it. Either if its a pizza slice, or simply your healthy & homemade version of acai bowl, take a moment to taste all the flavors. Remember, life is about balance... and enjoyment!  Struggling with endless meal prep sessions? Check out my article about making it simple!

-Prepare for the week ahead - Take a moment to do a list of your weekly goals. Write them down, and make sure you prioritize them. Getting into Monday with a clear idea of what you need to achieve will make the days run smoothly.. and guess what? you might actually start liking Mondays! 

Do you have any other Sunday rituals? Share them with me @mariitatorres - I can't wait to find out, and include them to my mix!


With love,