Find Your Inner Oprah

There once was a girl who was raped by a 19 year old when she was only 9. This same girl was abused by 3 other family members. For four long years she endured the pain, the humiliation. Did that stop her? No, it fueled her. All her hurt, her devastating childhood, the abuse, pushed her into believing she was worth more than how she was treated

This same girl, skipped 2 grades and received scholarships as early as 13 years of age.

She became pregnant at the age of 14. Like any mother's worst nightmare, her son was born prematurely and died in the hospital weeks later. At this point you wonder, this poor child, hasn't lived what a childhood should really be like! Lemonade stands, playing jump rope with her friends, sleepover with the’s no where to be found in any chapter of her life.

This same girl grew up and was named by Forbes International to be the world's only African American billionaire. Her name is Oprah Winfrey.

She was actually born as Orpah Gail Winfrey. As the years went by and misunderstandings and misspelling of her name took place, Oprah is how the world would know her and little did we know we would fall in love with her.

Even though she was told she was not “fit for television" Oprah hosted her own successful most watched tv show for 25 years, owns a production company, her own television network, publishes two magazines, is an actress, and is the celebrity that donates the most to many different charities. The list goes on and on!

Just when you think your past will dictate your future, think again. Find the Oprah inside of You and remember what Oprah says, “you become what you believe.”