Packed schedule?- Deep breath & decompress!

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Have you ever felt this way? - When I first saw that meme i thought it was hilarious... Probably because that's the exact way I feel sometimes. 

When transitioning to adulthood, our lives start getting busier and our agendas get packed. Has it happened to you that weekend goes by in a second?. Your find yourself setting Monday's alarm while wondering why are you as tired as you were on Friday. I have some news for ya: It's not that Saturday and Sunday have shorter days.. Is that you need to calibrate your priorities, and figure out how to find time to reset.

One of the best ways to maximize your quality time, is to make a list of the things you have on your plate. Ask yourself if you really need to spend time doing "x" activity. Is this bringing me something positive, or is it just some time burner? Think about quality over quantity, and choose to focus on activities that will nourish your life and development.

It's also important that we realize that life will always be complex. Going back to our careless childhood is not an option. That's why we just have to enjoy the present. Cherish the little moments, and dedicate your day to day to follow your dreams, and to work on something you're passionate about. Yes, we still gotta work hard to achieve our goals, and Yes! it is possible to enjoy the ride.

Remember that the best gift you can give to someone is time, and the best things in life, are not things! Find a moment to enjoy the little things with your friends and family. Find a time to deep breathe and enjoy yourself because at the end of the day #allwehaveisnow!

With love,