Women I Love Series #1: Christy Harrison

Written By: Erin Bach

For the next few weeks, I’d like to share with you some badass women who are currently rocking my world when it comes to intuitive eating and body acceptance. First up is Christy Harrison!

When I made the decision not to diet for my wedding, it felt right. But I didn’t know how to actually cope with the feelings of shame and isolation that arose from living in a culture that praises single-digit dress sizes and bridal booty bootcamps. Then I heard Christy Harrison’s podcast, Food Psych, and suddenly I wasn’t alone.

food psych.png

Christy is a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified intuitive eating counselor who hosts a weekly podcast where she interviews a variety of people about their relationship to food, diet culture, intuitive eating, body image and so much more. Since I stumbled across her podcast over a year ago, I’ve become an avid listener and am so thankful to hear the voices of people I can relate to and learn from.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I love Christy:

#5 She’s a strong, no-bullshit kinda girl

She may look sweet, but she can be cutthroat when it comes to discussing the negative effects of body shame and diet culture. She doesn’t mince words (and she throws in some f-bombs too), all while backing up her stance with scientific research and her own experience in the field.  


#4 Her list of guests is extensive and inclusive

The podcast is in its fifth season, and this week she released podcast #142. Not only is that impressive, but her weekly guests never ceases to amaze. Past guests have included Jes Baker, Dianne Bondy, Ragen Chastain, Isabel Foxen Duke, Ijeoma Oluo, Linda Bacon, Jessamyn Stanley, Lindy West, Evette Dionne, and the list could go on and on. This week’s guest is Caleb Luna.

#3 She lets people talk

Christy’s go-to first question is always “Tell me about your relationship with food growing up.” This invitation to tell a story sets the tone for the whole interview, where guests open up, unfold their stories, and it feels like overhearing a conversation instead of a one-sided Q&A.  

#2 She’s fiercely anti-diet


Not only does she not promote diet culture, she’s strongly opposed to it, and I love that. She refers to diet culture as “The Life Thief” because “It steals your joy, your spark, and your precious time on this planet.” Read her blog about “The Life Thief” here.

#1 She celebrates the human body

When it comes down to it, intuitive eating and Health at Every Size is about listening to, respecting, and celebrating the human body. The message I get from Christy’s podcast again and again is that my body is not wrong. No one’s body is wrong. For many of us, this is a difficult message to internalize, but the more we hear it from people like Christy and her guests, the sooner we can all drop the diet mentality and treat our bodies like they deserve to be treated.