The Micromanaging Monster


You know what sucks, being micromanaged. Yes, i said it. It sucks balls to have someone constantly controlling your every move! Wtf  right!? It almost feels like you have to ask if it's ok to take a bathroom break or a moment to call your grandmother who is sick in the hospital or maybe if its ok to make a copy on the machine. It's difficult to keep your confidence right? Whatever it may be, don't fight it.

Yea, I'm pissed about it as well. “Don't fight it?! Then what am I supposed to do?! How do you let that shit go!? I have to stand up for myself! Enough is enough!” Yes, I thought the same thing to and said the same thing to myself repeatedly. Here's the thing. Being micromanaged most of the time, like 90% of the time has nothing to do with you. Your boss has some anxiety issues and taking control over tasks is one way they lash out. So you see, it's almost like their alter ego comes out and overrules their better judgement. Are you wondering about the other 10%? Well, plain and simple, if you are really terrible at your job and you know it, seek a mentor who can help you or maybe shop around for a better job that suits you entirely.

Stuck with another micromanaging pain of a boss, let me give you some advice:

  1. Stay on task. If you know your boss will ask you if the report is ready at the same time every day, beat them to the punch line! Have it done and ready to go so next time you can shove it in their face ( ok maybe more like hand it to them nicely) and say “oh here it is, in my done pile.” even if you just finished 5 seconds before they walked in.

  2. What their deal? Are they really concerned how many minutes you go over your lunch break...OR is it more like they are worried you taking a longer break may look bad to other employees and will start a bad trend? Also, is your work at stake since you are not using your time wisely? Is THAT why your boss keeps asking for that report and its never done on time? Learn to look at the bigger picture and find out what really is motivating your boss’s behavior.

  3. Keep up the good work! Don't let it affect your work. If you know you got your shit together and your boss has nothing better to do then you just keep doing what you're doing. As you stay on task and excel, your boss will slowly pull away and find a new victim, I mean employee to micromanage.