Bestie Breakups


The songs says ”breaking up is hard to do”...what about when it is a bestie? As sad as this concept may be, besties aren’t always forever. The average friendship lasts only 7 years!! Friends, REAL FRIENDS, are hard to come by now a days. How are we supposed to live our lives knowing the “7 year itch” is comin’ up!?

Diana Ballon wrote an article on how to survive a bff breakup. Relationships do fizzle, she says, but the heartbreak is the same as a romantic breakup. The only difference is, it's not addressed. Hallmark doesn’t make cards that say “sorry for your thoughts are with you. Breaking up with a best friend is rough, hang in there.” YEAH! NO.SUCH.THING.  

When effort put forth by any party is not reciprocal, it is time to start moving on. This doesn't mean to slash their tires or burn pictures you all have together. It just means to find a pretty box, put your memories in there and tuck it away. Then move on. You know how they say when one door closes another one opens? Same concept. One friendship may be coming to an end, however leave yourself open to make new friends. Be thankful that they paved the way to make new friends that you will need in the new chapter of your life.

Friendships are like dandelions. They are vibrant, youthful flowers that bloom with all their might. As time goes on they begin to transform into a spherical wonder. Then when the wind is right, it blows the now fluffy seeds into different directions. No matter where they land, they have a chance to turn into a beautiful flower once again.

Let the wind take you and allow yourself to bloom into a better friend for the next bestie.