I’m a Woman. What’s your Superpower?


“Girl power” has been sprinkled every damn where.

Last week’s feminine energy hit a peak as women worldwide marched to a rhythmic cadence that blared unapologetic “girl power.” Thousands flooded the streets to collectively represent & thousands flooded social media platforms with celebratory posts.

With history & context that can’t be wedged into a few sentences, the internet took this opportunity to revere women. Saturday Night Live shared an appreciation illustration that left the comment section with questions and of course the Kardashian girl group celebrated, themselves.

American Actor, Kofi Siriboe humbled us all when he acclaimed his love via this short arrangement of words. “No man should be lucky enough to love you.” Damn Kofi.

International Women’s Day wasn’t restricted to just one day, give us an inch & we’ll take a few miles.  

To close out the week, we find out our favorite “bad gyal” Rihanna has become the first female artist to cross 2 billion worldwide streams on Apple Music. Congrats RiRi.

Air cheers to my girls worldwide. You are gold baby, solid gold.