A Sunday kind of Spring Break

I was trying to write an article about Spring Break, and the hottest party scenes to visit these days. While doing my research, I realized that non of the crazy raves interested me anymore. I saw many pictures of wild pool parties, clubs featuring a bunch of DJs, and even found some blogs about challenges to get the ideal "spring break body".

I don't know if it's because I'm getting closer to my 30's or what's the deal with me... but to be honest, and because this is my weekly (Sunday on Tuesday) space to talk say what I truly feel... I have one piece of advice: Ditch all the douce plans, and get ready to enjoy the weekend however you want. Please, don't fall on the media manipulation that pushes you to get wasted, and spend tons of money on parties just "to be seen". 

There's nothing wrong if you want to dance and drink all your weekend long, but if you're feeling adulthood this year, I have a couple of things that can get you entertained this weekend. Here ya go! 

  • Take a weekend road trip - No matter if you are in a cold or warm place. Call your girlfriends or your significant other, and go to your nearest cute town, camping spot, lake or beach. The important part is to spend quality time with your beloved one and to have fun. 
  • Off the shoulder shirt, messy bun, and rock a daylong brunch - Do I need to explain this perfect scenario?
  • Wine, face masks, donuts and pitch perfect 3 with the girls - Ok, this one is on my to-do. I can't wait to get together with my main squeezes to gossip about the week while we get drunk on wine, and indulge on treats and laugh

If I saw this list a couple of years ago, I would think it's the lamest plan for Spring Break. However, I'm sure that many other Sunday Peaches are feeling me right now.

Any fun plans for the weekend ahead? - Let us know! We can't wait to get some more ideas from the best girl gang!


With love,