Don’t Dread the Suit

So it’s that time of year again: bathing suit season is coming. But this isn’t a reason to panic. If you’re like me, the only season you care about is Girl Scout cookie season. It’s the only season that matters. But all those cookies can leave you feeling a little uncomfortable putting on a bathing suit. Now some women prefer to take months of Pilates classes, wheatgrass shots, and any beauty treatment imaginable to get ready for bathing suit season. But if you’re like me, there just isn’t enough time for that in one day. When it comes to being confident in a bathing suit though, it doesn’t take months of planning.

Investing time and energy in thinking about how you could look better, detracts from how beautiful you already are. With a little self-realization and some feel-good preparations, you’ll be ready to conquer that bathing suit in no time.

  1. Being “bikini ready”, is a total myth

How to have a bikini body? Have a body and simply put the bikini on it. No one body type deserves to wear a bikini any more than another body type. It can be hard to remember this when you’re bombarded with article after article detailing the perfect workout and meal plan regime at the supermarket. Of course eating healthier and being more active is great, but you can rock a bikini anytime you want with any body type. Your body is awesome and does so much for you. It deserves to be flaunted, if that’s what you want! No juice cleanse or hot yoga required.

1. Pick a swimsuit you feel comfortable in

I don’t mean finding a bathing suit in one of those “How to dress for your body type” guides. I mean going into a store and trying on any and all bathing suits that catch your eye, and you truly love. Try on all cuts and colors until you find the bathing suit you know you’re meant to wear. Fashion rules are meant to be broken, focus on what will make you feel confident.

2. Debloat

Most of the time the reason you feel so uncomfortable in a bathing suit, is because of any bloating you may have that’s crushing your confidence. While it’s totally unnoticeable to everyone else, feeling puffy can temporarily dull anyone’s shine. Drinking enough water everyday can easily fix this, and it keeps you hydrated in the hot summer sun.

3. Accessorize

Sometimes, overdressing can boost your confidence just a little. Add a stylish and silky kimono as a cover up and pair it with extra cute gladiator sandals. Or if dressing up isn't your MO, bring your accessories. A cute beach towel, a beach tote, and an oversized and funny pool float work just as well.

4. Pamper yourself

Take the time the night before to use your favorite face mask, exfoliate, or moisturize to your heart's content. Soft skin is always in, and leaves you feeling your absolute best.