Bald, Buzzed, Beautiful

We all know that our society is effed-up when it comes to beauty standards. That’s not new information. Every day, society feeds us ideas about what “true” beauty is and how to achieve it. Just open up any magazine, watch nearly any Hollywood film, and read any book. In our society, beauty is defined by so many trivial things, but one of those standards is slowly (but surely) changing.

Lately, I’ve seen lots of articles, blog posts, and social media accounts where women have shaved their heads.

Yes. I’m talking full on bald-headed, buzz-cut beauty.

For so long, the length of a woman’s hair has been a defining beauty characteristic. People have equated long hair with femininity and beauty since, like, forever, right? But now, so many women are taking razors into their own hands and shaving all of their hair off.

This, to me, is one of the ultimate moves of female empowerment. Many woman equate their beauty with how men see them, and men tend to see short hair as a masculine trait on a woman, or indicative of extreme political beliefs or a certain sexual preference.

And now, more and more women are showing that honestly? They don’t give a shit.

With movies like Black Panther starring women with shaved heads in positions of feminine power, as well as more and more high-fashion houses scouting models with short hairstyles to walk their runways and appear in magazines, the stigma around women having short or shaved hairstyles is slowly disappearing.

It’s important to be aware of toxic “beauty standards” that are present and encouraged by our society. There are so many ideas of what women “should be” and “should not be” and “should look like” that it gets so overwhelming sometimes.

This movement, women shaving their heads for THEMSELVES and THEIR OWN REASONS is a relatively small step in the right direction, but a victory nonetheless. Any attack on the limiting standards of beauty that our society presses on us is a win, right?