Springing into Nature

Written By: Erin Bach

This week, March 20th marked the spring equinox, the transition from winter to spring. With the new season comes a fresh start—a moment to reframe, reflect, and move forward with grounded intention.

I’m a big fan or oracle/ guidance cards, so for the start of spring, I pulled a card from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck and got Cordelia, a Celtic goddess of spring and nature (fitting, right?). The message on the card is “Go Outside.”

I love nature (and am a little obsessed with trees), but I’ve always been more of an indoors girl. I love blankets and bare feet and all things comfy and cozy, so this message hit a bit of a nerve for me. I know that I always feel better when I get outside and go for walks, but those have been few and far between. Recently, I’ve spent way more time with Netflix than Mama Nature.  

This card felt like the universe saying, “Hey, new season, new perspective. Come look at all the beauty outside.” So I did.

My mom’s been visiting from California and aside from a couple rainy days, the weather in Atlanta has been lovely. We took advantage of the nice days and went for walks around my neighborhood. One day we visited the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, where the tulips and orchids were so gorgeous it was ridiculous. I know that at a different time in my life I may have been bored after a few minutes of walking around the gardens, but being surrounded by such beauty filled me with gratitude and reverence for how magical nature really is.

We had long conversations on my porch, with a chorus of birds as background music. It was definitely the most time I’ve spent outside in a while and it felt very grounding to notice the buds beginning to open on the bushes, to notice new blooms on the cherry tree.

In our society, we spend most of our time indoors, in our cars, or in our heads. This start of spring is the perfect time to make an effort to step outside our daily routines and back into nature.

If you feel super disconnected from the seasons, I hear you. But the good news is that all it takes to feel more in touch with nature (and therefore more in touch with ourselves) is the willingness to spend a little time outside and pay a little more attention than you usually do. I guarantee it’s worth it.

Consider this week of the equinox to be your call to connect with the season, appreciate the blooms, the buds, the signs of new life. Let the earth show you that you are surrounded by growth energy, that every season must come to an end, and that you can always begin again.