Queen Wendy said, “We Beefin’?”

Written By: Niya Smith

Wendy” had some shit on her chest.

The fast-food restaurant chain, Wendy’s, dropped a 10-minute EP (longer than a single, shorter than an album) lyrically serving long time enemies, McDonalds & Burger King. They pulled no punches - We Beefin’ is available on all platforms and I’m saying you should add it.

This marketing team doubtlessly deserves an award for Social Media Presence of the year, the compilation is quite catchy - classified under the Hip Hop/Rap genre, the cover art pays homage to the classic Notorious B.I.G album Ready to Die.

The five track assortment aligned with their level of petty with songs like “Twitter Fingers” & “Rest in Grease,” they also made sure to calculate in advertisement with their hottest menu deal the 4 for $4. Rest in Grease had our attention with McDonald’s biggest hiccup, the ice cream machine.

           You number 1?

That’s a joke

Why yo’ ice cream machine always broke?

Why yo’ drive through always slow?

Why yo’ innovation just can’t grow?

Twitter, as always, is here for it and wasted no time in sharing their thoughts on this highly underestimated arrangement but we all want to know, who is artist? Let it be known.

Marketing departments of McDonald’s & others targeted are sitting, puzzled and like with any diss track we anxiously await a response.

Though you may not respect the alleged processed patty, you gotta respect the flow.