So Ready for Spring to be Sprung

When winter first crept up on me, I was excited for the chilly weather. I was excited for Christmas, excited for snow, excited for classes to be canceled because of impending winter weather.

I’m not excited anymore.

I’m tired of the cold. I really am. I am so sad when I’m cold. I am tired of wearing my heavy coat, scarf, and gloves. I’m tired of not being able to flex on the way to class because I have to close my coat up.

I don’t want to wear sweaters anymore. I miss crop tops and not having to wear thick tights when I decide to wear skirts.

I’m SO DONE with the cold giving everyone I know perpetual sniffles and seasonal depression.

I want to go outside without a jacket and not feel like a human Popsicle.

And the worst part about this time of year in Virginia? You get crazy days where it’s almost 70 degrees on Wednesday, but then the meteorologists are calling for snow Friday night. It might snow during the weekend, provide some fodder for cute playing-in-the-snow pictures, but then the sun comes out Sunday afternoon and melts all of the snow away before we can get classes canceled for Monday.

I’m done with it. I need the temperature to never go below 60.

And I get that some people like the cold weather. That some people hate being overheated and sweaty, and I can guarantee you that by the time the swelter of August comes my way, I’ll be bitching about that to. But right now, in the Roanoke Valley at the end of March, I deserve to be greeted by spring.

I want to be able to wear sandals and scare people with how ugly my toes are.

I want to be able to experience chub rub again. I miss having to combat the chafe with powder deodorant between my thighs.

I want to sit outside and procrastinate on my schoolwork in the sun. I get tired of procrastinating under my blankets in my dorm room.

I miss smoothies. There is a really great smoothie place in Salem where I love wasting my money, but there is no validation by getting smoothies when it’s cold out. For me, smoothies are strictly a Friday-afternoon-after-class-in-the-sunshine thing. And that’s hard to do if it’s crappy and cold outside.

So, basically, I’m sad when it’s cold, and while there are so many beautiful and poetic things to say about spring, what I want to say is that IT HAD BETTER GET HERE SOON. I’M DONE WITH WINTER.