Why Men & Women CHEAT?

Written By: Niya Smith


Cheating - touchy subject, eh?

With rumors surfacing daily on & offline, we had to get to the root of the cheating tree that’s compromising commitments. Cameras were out over the weekend when Kardashian baby daddy, Tristan Thompson was photographed casually entering & exiting a NYC hotel and not with Khloe - who is expecting their first child any day now. I’m losing hope by the minute.

So the question is, “Name Some Reasons Women & Men Cheat?” our readers deserve an award for the feedback.

Boredom, dissatisfaction, neglect are among a few reasons listed - as we dig deeper, hold this thought presented, “I don’t believe humans are naturally monogamous, I think it’s a societal construct formed alongside organized religion. If you look throughout history it is not a recent problem, it’s only more or less accepted depending on the time period.”

We’ll take it from someone who finds this space recognizable, @kokorave shared the reasoning given to her, “he said it was pure selfishness but a lot of immaturity.” That explains it but does it excuse it? @jordynodunn says, “For whatever reason, there is something about their relationship or their lives that makes them unhappy. And rather than confront whatever that is, they lash out in different ways and cheating is an example of that. I don’t believe it excuses what they did, but I think it makes it more understandable.”

I’ve had a friend, or two, that has consciously chosen a relationship that they didn't want to be apart of - there is no healthy way to mask the discomfort which results in one partner feeling “neglected emotionally or physically” (@emilyy_guerra) or “unappreciated” (@pizzajiujitsu).

Plot twist, one reader suggests that this shit might be “fun.”  

“It’s exciting sneaking behind their lovers back. They think it’s better on the other side of the grass but the chase is more exciting then what they’re left with.” But then we see partners pleading for forgiveness and admitting their regret. Seriously, just be honest with yourself.

Rihanna boosted everyone’s confidence as we chanted “Sex with me so amazinggg,” but what if it isn't? @sweet_marie27 says there is a “lack of communication about what men/women need or crave sexually” - confirming many theories that sexual fantasies aren't being fulfilled & partners are seeking satisfaction outside of their commitments.

Our SMV readers have constructed a solid case, stay safe playas.