Get 'Em From Across The Room

So you're in the social scene, feeling yourself. Your hair is on point, the eyeliner is even on both sides and you just lost 2 lbs. YAAAASS! When you feel confident you can conquer anything, and anyone. You see a hottie across the room??? Go get ‘em tiger!!

First things first, don't go get them, per say. Build up the tension..have a ill foreplay! Make sure you're not pouting or have closed body language. Meaning, don't look like you got a fart stuck up your butt or look like your boss just told you to work the weekend. Put out the vibe that you ARE the good time in that place.

Have a small smirk on your face and gently scan the room. When you found your prey, I mean your next interest, lock eyes with them,bat your eyes and look away. This immediately gets them to question “was that look for me or was it the guy behind me?”

So now that they are staring back, this is your moment to shine on girl!! Laugh! Take a sip of your drink! Talk to your friends like you are telling the best joke ever! Let them see how ridiculously pleasurable you are to be around. During one of those moments look up again, right at him and lock eyes again. This second look will tell your interest “yea, i was looking at chu boo.” At this point the ball is their court and will be up to them to make the next move. You set it up so let them do the rest of the work.

Don't be that girl that whispers to their friend while staring right at him. This just shows desperate. He knows you are into him, therefore he is certain you will approach him Fuck that, let them come to you darlin! Also, don't walk by him or his friends or his table continuously. That just yells “I'm so into you and want to have your babies!” As odd as this may sound, the best way to get someone's attention is to not give them a lot of attention. People always desire what they can’t have. So be desirable and yes, high maintenance. Be the caviar, be the upgrade, be untouchable.