We aren’t Talking About Milkshakes Here

Written By: Kimberly Davis

Once a month Megan Jayne Crabbe, or @bodyposipanda as some people may know her, posts a #donthatetheshake video and this is something I wasn’t even aware I needed in my life until I got it. Don’t Hate The Shake was originally created almost two years ago by a Master’s student, Melissa Gibson. She posted a simple video to her Instagram page of her shaking her body and dancing, simply captioning it #donthatetheshake.

This project is liberating for women of all shapes, sizes, and colors in that for once we aren’t being told we need to suck it in. Instead we’re celebrating the natural ways in which our bodies are meant to move. Our bodies are soft, and often time shake, move, wobble, and jiggle even if we don’t want them to. They’re just bodies being bodies. By removing the stigma around the natural movement of our bodies, we’re not only helping ourselves live more comfortable lives, we’re stopping the constant bullying and self-hatred we often apply to our bodies for being wobbly in places we wish it weren’t.

According to an interview Melissa Gibson did with Bustle, body positivity to her is about “seeing beauty in diversity. It's not about widening the standard of beauty that we currently have and that the media perpetuates, it's about dismantling the standard all together.” There’s beauty in the natural movement of our bodies, and it’s time we start celebrating those movements.

For more on #donthatetheshake you can check out @donthatetheshake, or check out @yourstruelymelly for inspiring quotes and ootd inspiration on Melissa Gibson’s page.