It Could Be Time to Retire the Hot Water Bottle

Written By: Kimberly Davis

So you woke up ready to conquer your day, only to be slowed down by the pain that is having a period. Cramps are worst, ask anyone. While some people rely on over-the-counter pain medication like Advil to help with period pain, using these medications on a regularly can have damaging effects on your liver and blood pressure. Because of these effects, people have turned to natural remedies for period pain. The newest product in cramp management is almost too good to be true, and too simple. Nannocare menstrual pads claim to alleviate period pain through “Nannogenic technology”.

Nannopads launched on April 10th, after being in development for six years. “NannoPad contains Nannogenic technology which is engineered using natural fibers containing organically occurring earth elements broken into nanno particles… These nanno particles naturally, and safely work with your body to emit a needed amount of molecular vibrational energy into the body, which may increase blood flow.” Simply put, Nannopads work by increasing microcirculation (blood flow in your smallest blood vessel), which help to reduce menstrual pain.

Nannopads are created with 100 percent organic cotton, and are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and absorbent. For those of you who aren’t a fan of pads, there are also pantyliners as well as a larger pad that is great for heavier days or overnight use. A box of regular strength pads are $12 on the Nannocare website, but they can also be delivered based on a subscription.

There is no guarantee that Nannopads will work for you to relieve period pain (A study conducted by Nannocare found that the pads were only 75 percent effect in reducing period pain in women from 19 to 51) but it is still a creative innovation when it comes to period products.