It’s Warming Up—Can YOU Feel It?

Written By: Emma Grosskopf

So the weather is getting nicer. The sun is out and it’s heating up, and so if you’re anything like me, you’re excited to retire wool jackets and jeans for denim cutoffs, tank tops and loose sundresses.

But apparently, spring fashion is not for everyone?

I know that every time the weathers starts getting warm again, the rules seem to start to change. In the fall and winter, everyone can wear jeans and peacoats and scarves and everything is fine. But along comes spring, and POOF! Now there’s a whole new set of rules for anyone who has a little curve to their figure.

You all know the rules I’m talking about.

Big girls can’t wear shorts. Why? Because people might see their cellulite? God forbid a girl in shorts walks down the street and everyone can see something that is PERFECTLY NATURAL and normal.

Big girls can’t wear crop tops. You know, if someone is comfortable in something and feels good in it, shut the hell up. Let her be proud of the body that she has. There are WAY worse things than a visible stomach.

Big girls have to wear modest swimsuits. Again, why? No one is at the beach to cover up. We’re there to get some sun and relax without having judgmental assholes telling us that “big girls can’t wear bikinis.”

Big girls can’t wear tank tops. Because having shoulders and boobs is apparently something shameful. If a girl wants to wear a spaghetti strap tank top and is comfortable and confident, leave her alone and let her slay. She doesn’t need the judgement.

These are just a few of the rigid rules that our society formulates about women whose bodies are even slightly out of the norm. Society gives women in general strict rules about how they SHOULD dress, how they SHOULD act, and all of the things that they should or should not do.

It’s annoying, actually, and we get tired of hearing it. So basically, whatever your body type is, wear what you want this spring, because no matter what you wear, confidence is always in season.