You Are Who You Say You Are

Written By: Chantel M. Rivera  -  @chanty_m

We all have our morning routine. Wake up, drag ourselves out of bed, and at some point, look in the mirror. There, right there is where the battle begins. Before we brush our teeth, pull back our hair, and apply our perfect match foundation, we start to lay a foundation in our minds. That foundation is built with the thoughts that enter our heads while we examine our reflections under the harsh bathroom light.

When I look in the mirror in the morning the first thing I see are the dark circles. My eyes then make their way to my forehead and down my left cheek to examine my current breakout I cannot seem to get under control. I see my frizzy hair that I’ll have to tame and old acne scars from past battles won, but not forgotten. As my second chin peers behind my first ever so slightly I must say to myself, out loud; I am human, I am unflawed, and I am beautiful. Those first thoughts, are ones I have to fight every day, and I’ve only looked at my face.

Here is what I understand. Many of these thoughts are not intentional. I don’t purposely think to myself “oh my gawwwwsh my unsymmetrical nose will be the death of me.” Somewhere along the line I was conditioned to think that the very natural and human parts of me are undesirable. These are lies! So, each day I choose what I allow my mind to rest on when it comes to my body. I can’t always stop the negative thoughts, but I can replace them. I remind myself that as women we are sensational, sexy, and worthy of love. I force myself to look deep within and meditate on the things I love about myself, and know that the parts I pick at, are what make me unique and in turn more beautiful. I have to train my mind to be unapologetic for where I am in my journey. To love what I see as I stare at that fierce woman looking back at me in the mirror.

Remember ladies the battle is within. So, before you lay that foundation to your face make sure you are laying a foundation of positive thoughts in your mind. You are beautiful. Now say it like you mean it.

-Chantel M. Rivera -  @chanty_m