Got 99 Problems…and All of Them are Ruining my Sundays

It is the same story every week; wake up completely relaxed and excited for a Sunday of whatever I want it to be. I’ll read in bed, make breakfast, clean the house, work out, ride my horse, and make time to journal. I make my coffee and begin easing into my day.

Then suddenly it is the 3:00 p.m.

I feel the pressure of the impending Monday and all the things I planned, but never finished or even started, seem to push me into the ground. Then I’m analyzing my whole life and the weight of my unachieved potential drops on the top of the pressure pile.

I didn’t read enough or write anything worthy of reading. The house is still a cat hair-covered mess and OMG I didn’t do any of that relaxing at all!

What is happening to my relaxing Sundays and why am I so continuously guilt-ridden?

This constant stress and self-battering, obviously, does not help induce any more relaxation or productivity. In fact, all that has happened is this feeling of inadequacy has started to stretch into my weekdays and has become a constant soundtrack in my head.

Maybe this voice is supposed to drive us to be better and do more, however, at some point, we have to turn the broken record off and give ourselves a break. The grind is important, but constant grinding is just going to wear us down until there is nothing left.

This is me giving you permission to relax, in any way you want.

Take back Sundays and give yourself a break.

You deserve it.