Selfies Empowering #SelfLove

Written By: Lacy Bundy ~ @lacylouwho

The selfie. It’s undeniably ingrained itself in our society. Selfies have been the subject of art exhibits, the basis for campaigns to raise money for charities, and probably the number one thing you see as you scroll your social media feeds.

The no-makeup selfie, the gym selfie, the car selfie...the list goes on!

Selfies are self-portraits; snapshots of what makes us unique and different or even a means to compare how alike we all really are. While it’s easy to simply pass off the selfie as a narcissist’s best friend, they can actually be uplifting and frankly, an empowering tool for self-love.

Ever have those days where the self-love isn’t coming so easy? You feel tired, ugly and make excuses for why you’re still in yoga pants at noon? Me too. We all do.

Time for a selfie photo shoot!

Put on something that makes you feel sexy and beautiful, experiment with a new makeup look or even just snap some photos of you slaying the work game at your desk. Whatever makes you feel like you’re living your best life, do it! Then, rack up that selfie reel.

You will see how beautiful you are. How remarkable you are. How talented and rare you are. YAS QUEEN YAS! Post them and share that goddess with the world, or don’t.

Full disclosure, I have a personal self-love selfie arsenal in my phone and whenever I am feeling a bit blue or having that off day, I crack those selfies open. Just seeing myself in a time and space where I was happy and self-confident gives me the kick in the ass I need to get my head right and it can do the same for you.

Confidence and conceit are not identical and we need to shatter the idea that it is. So break out that camera, take control of your truth and embrace the self-love selfie.