Is Yoga for Everyone?

Written By: Kathryn Swartout

Recently I have started my “Yoga Journey” at my local gym. To those of you who practice yoga, what do you practice it for? Maybe to regain that flexibility you lost or help you mentally whatever the reason is, maybe try to expand your reasoning into something else.

The experience is wonderful; however, the most difficult thing is holding the pose for the three or four minutes you do them. To learn a new way to hold your body in various positions can be a challenge.

To get through the difficulty, for anyone who has not tried yoga or found a way to cope, there is a simple solution. Just listen to what your body says it wants. It is okay to step out of the pose, if you say to yourself that you can endure the stretch and position if you get the results your body is yearning for. My favorite portrayal is by Adriana Rodríguez Leon, otherwise known as “scarletadrianne” on Instagram.

Her illustrations describe the mindset almost perfectly!

It is very important to listen, not only to what your mind thinks, listen to what your body thinks as well. Take ten minutes out of your day to meditate or maybe just sit in silence and allow your body to think and release the stresses briefly.

With each pose comes relaxation and a newfound presence of your mind, body, and soul. Yoga can be for everyone, if you can trust your body to help itself, and put down the barriers put up by yourself or others, whether it be a negative social media presence putting you down, or past experiences. If you let yourself explore, you can always accomplish what you set yourself out to do.