Taking Back Tuesday

Written By: Michelle Davalos ~@michelle.g.davalos

One night, while washing my face and wearing only a sports bra, I noticed my panza extended and it reminded me of countless “before” selfies I had taken. The before selfies consisted of; before I started P-90X, before I started Insanity with Shaun T (gawd he is gorgeous), before I became serious with CrossFit, or before I cut 10-15lbs using the RP strength diet template. I’ve never taken an after picture. What’s really the point? Scientifically, a before and after reference can be used as a unit of measure but really, BUT REALLY, comparing a before and after picture is another reminder of time of doubt and loathing. After pictures are a firm pass for me; no thank you!


After we set and achieve physical health goals, we are the walking trophy of hard work, dedication and determination. Our clothes fit better, we have more energy, our skin is effin’ amazing and we embrace how good we feel inside and out. This me leads me to Transformation Tuesday! Every Tuesday, our gram is flooded with “transformation” posts that really don’t appear to be legit transformations.


Transformation means a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance and nine times out of ten, the posts are not dramatic. Typically, fitness accounts are the culprits, yet I find myself wondering the ultimate motive behind the reoccurring posts and I believe the ever-increasing emphases behind “transformation” has been lost on social media. I’m talking about women who look absolutely amazing in their before picture and cut weight for their after picture. Believe me, I get it, cutting weight is extremely difficult! Going to the gym routinely is difficult (I struggle with this on the regular)! But, what is the transformation? Did she change her relationship with food permanently? Has she accepted her body without using a fitness program or diet template? My ultimate question – are these posts of beautiful women transforming the way we perceive normalcy or perfection?

I’d like for us to take a stand and take back Transformation Tuesday! Use the gram as a platform to transform personal gratitude and acceptance; cut ourselves some slack; show appreciation for our inner beauty, and strength. And most importantly, challenge societal definitions of normalcy and perfection!

Much love today and always!