Social Exhaustion..have you heard of it?

Written By: Makesi Boodram

The world is literally flying by, we live in a world where sadly patience is a rare sighting. Can you believe it, there are generations that have zero understanding of what it is to rewind a cassette. Some don’t even know what a cassette was - thank you Netflix and “13 reasons”. Today’s world see you not waiting for your bills to pile up on you when you decide to go to the post office, nope, those mails come to your phone and because you can’t stand seeing sixty seven unread messages spoil your pristine phone home face you just have to check it. Now in a world where you can be in a different country, on a red carpet take a picture and the world over sees it. Where you are in a crowd and you can feel every bit of the bass come through the speakers. Or in some cases we can just check an insta story to see if the neighbour next door with the hacking cigarette cough is still alive. This is a time where all of the world rushes at you, you literally and figuratively become entangled in the forest of information and “doings”.

Artist: Danielle Boodoo-ortuné instagram:   @dboodoofortune

Artist: Danielle Boodoo-ortuné instagram: @dboodoofortune

So many weekends are spent looking for the next thing, so many weekends see you sleep a few hours between Friday night and Sunday morning. Then you go find something make it out, and wonder why this isn’t making you happy. We need to learn to sit back and take it easy every once in a while, yes I know that monkey rattling the cage making you feel like you’re missing the world is difficult to ignore. Take my stupid advice, better yet take Bruno Mar’s advice, lay in bed, forget the dress, the uncomfortable heels, the strained social conversation when you’re friends are talking to someone you don’t know or don’t like, or in some cases why bother go be a third wheel.

Artist: Gabriel Picolo Instagram:  @_Picolo

Artist: Gabriel Picolo Instagram: @_Picolo

There is so much bliss in stepping back from the crowds and limelight, so much peace that can be birthed out of saying “ Na I’m staying in tonight”.Take your phone off, curl up with a book or your favourite blankets or simply just chill in the backyard. Taking a time away from the world could simply be looking out from your verandah or window when your world is asleep.

Artist: Pascal Campion Instagram:  @pascalcampionart

Artist: Pascal Campion Instagram: @pascalcampionart

Its so hilarious and equally sad, this is a world where even doing nothing and just being at peace, seems to be a production. How many times have you seen, “girl’s trip” or “mummy vacay” or even “timeout from my family” - come on guys it really is not that difficult to take a moment for yourself. If you keep looking for that ideal setting it may never come or just be really late.

After all if you can’t appreciate the moments in your life that are disgustingly simple and low key, how can you even truly begin to have an appreciation for the amaze ball moments.

Artist: Pascal Campion Instagram:   @pascalcampionart

Artist: Pascal Campion Instagram: @pascalcampionart