Hopeless Romantic or Just Hopeless?

Written By: Kimberly Davis

Online dating, the new trend; easily accessible and takes out a significant amount of work. A simple swipe left or right. All you need is a couple of “good” photographs of yourself and a quick paragraph about yourself, and just like that you’ve got yourself a dating profile. But we can’t have nice things without someone messing it up for everyone else, and all dating apps have a dark side.

  1. When intentions aren’t clear: Yes, you’re correct in thinking that intentions should be very clear on a dating app, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. You may be looking for someone to date while the other person… isn’t.

  2. You don’t know who’s on the other side: Hello catfish! You think it’s Janet, 24 from New York but really it’s Matt, 34 from Oregon.


3. Dating trolls: You think you finally found “the one”. They’re good looking, intelligent, the whole package. But soon that small talk goes from “hey, how are you?” to “u up ;)?” or something else much more explicit. Hit the block button. We all find that one, don’t feel bad.


4. The ones in a relationship: You match with someone. Hit it off, and then find out they have a significant other. Don’t feel bad if this one happens to you. You simply didn’t know they were in a relationship. You have no reason to believe someone is in a relationship if they’re on a dating app.

5. It just isn’t working for you: Online dating is hard, and it’s not for everyone. You may not see results as fast as your friends, or after one too many duds you might get discouraged. But don’t get discouraged when it comes to relationships overall! They are possible and there is one out there for you.


Quick story time! In case you need a little encouragement that not all dating apps are bs: I met this all around great guy, my little weirdo, and soulmate on November 11, 2017. Tinder glitches that day though. My boyfriend lives in New Jersey while I live in New York. The two states are a short car ride away, but my boyfriend’s 22 miles away from me which is a lot more than the 6 miles I had my app set to. The mileage eventually fixed itself days after we went on our first date. I’m not sure if you believe in fate, but he and I sure believe in it now! There’s someone out there for everyone (not everyone needs another person to “complete them, and that’s a great thing!), don’t be discouraged by a couple of frogs that didn’t deserve a queen like yourself anyway!


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