13 reasons to leave judgements behind

Can we take a moment to discuss the new season of 13 reasons why? – I couldn’t contain myself and binged the whole rainy weekend.

Let me start by saying that if I was reluctant to the idea of having kids, after watching this show, I’m in complete fear and disgust about the bullying culture in high schools, and let’s face it, in life in general.

One of the main points to comment about is the remark on being labeled as “something” during teenage years, and letting those labels define the rest of your life.

As an adult, it’s gets easier to stay true to who you are and to advise young generations to not let other people’s opinions affect them. However, it’s demonstrated that social perception is crucial on the development of human beings.  We all deserve to be respected, and to have the same opportunities.

As women, we should start by loving ourselves, and those who surround us. Calling other girls “sluts” or any other derogatory term says more about us than about them. Girl support should be a culture. It’s time to care for each other.

Another good takeaway of this show is that everyone has their own struggles, and we should be more aware about how our actions will affect other people’s lives. Sometimes we offend others, and we don’t even notice it. Being respectful, and understanding of different cultures/points of view helps to create a healthier environment.

The whole season revolves around a trial where Hanna’s parent’s sue the school, and the main thing to me is that: there was not only one person to blame. As I said before, the combination of many little things affected this teenager to the point of ending her life. Truth can be twisted, and somehow someone you think you know, is being painted as a completely different person. The question in here is: Should we let other people’s point of view affect our own judgment? – Sometimes it's hard to not get caught in the situation, huh?

I’ve discussed the topic with friends I’m still surprised by people saying: “all that happened to her was not bad enough for her to commit suicide” – But then I go to my previous bullet point. What is bad enough? Each person faces their struggles in different ways.


Other comment I get is: “if she didn’t want to get rapped, why was she at that party?” – This one is the most infuriating one. We, as a society, need to actually understand that nobody is ever “asking to be assaulted,” women are not a piece of meat, and we should take out of our minds the fact that “he is a guy, he can’t contain himself.” Taking a NO for an answer should be one of our primary values in life.

Being conscious of little things make our life better. Take a moment this week to look at small interactions around you. Think if you are being a positive agent, and how you can make it better. It doesn’t matter if you’re in high school, or if you are an adult working at an office. I promise you that kindness is contagious and will light up the day of those in need.

We can’t change the world, but we can always make a positive impact.!

Is there something you loved about this show? – Let us know what was the most impactful message of this show!

With love,