Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Written by: Michelle Davalos ~ @michelle.g.davalos


How do we manage our expectations when everything is at our finger tips. Want pad tai, order Post Mates. Need organic tampons, order Uber delivers. Need a new phone charger, order same day delivery from Amazon. Feeling lonely and the desire to rub one out, swipe right on tinder or grinder. We thrive off convenience…it’s a comfortable lifestyle! But what are we sacrificing? We’re sacrificing the ability to manage expectations in real life situations AND the virtue of patience.  


Routinely, we hear self-gratification justifications such as; I ate healthy for a couple days, so I deserve 12 tacos and a bag of flaming hot Cheetos. I deserve red bottoms because I didn’t buy anything at the mall last week, I didn’t get the promotion so f@ck it, I deserve a vacation to Cabo…the empty entitlement goes on and on. Deserve is an abused word that should never be spoken.

Also, the motto “work smarter not harder” has morphed into “why do it, when someone else can do it for you”. This philosophy is altering our ability to understand politics and dynamics of social and professional environments. Or are we shifting the environment?

As I ramble about why we struggle to manage expectations, lack of patience and the importance of hard work; my basic-ass recommendation is….check yourself before you wreck yourself! Chillout with what you think you deserve. Most life altering advances take time, ambition, hard work and dedication.


Much love today and always!