Asking For a Friend

Written By: Kimberly Davis ~ @kimdavis29

Whether you’re a virgin or not, everyone has had questions about doing the deed. We’ll never be able to reenact the steamy scenes we see in movies, but you’ve probably had at least one of these thoughts, at some point in your life, about getting down and dirty

1. Is it necessary for the positions to have such weird names?

Seriously though, where do the names come from? And who thinks of them?

2. Why do some people do it standing up?

You’d rather do it in a bed… where you may conveniently fall asleep afterwards.

3. Is shower sex as hot as it looks on tv?

4. Is it okay to prefer masturbating and watching Netflix, instead of going out and socializing?

This one is actually very normal, and great tool for saving money. Also, can we normalize female masturbation?

5. Really, anal?

Totally cool if you’re into it, but who decided we should enter the back door that releases all the stuff we’ve eaten for the day?

6. Is there a normal or abnormal volume for moaning?

7. How are you supposed to easily transition between positions?

If you move too fast you might end up farting or something.

8. Is it normal to fantasize about sex during inappropriate times?

9. Why do we spend so much money on lingerie, if we just end up naked anyway?

10. What are you supposed to do during oral?

Giggle, cry, spread your legs like a starfish?

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