Human Interaction.. What Is That?

Written By: Rosie Riott


Her: He pushed me down the stairs! It was awful!

Him: ...

Her: Are you listening to me? Hello?

Him: … (immersed in his phone)

Her: Ugh, you don’t even pay attention to the things I say.. Forget it! I’m better off talking to a wall!

Sound familiar? Yeah, I bet! We’ve all had these conversations. Now, walk into any restaurant. Take a look around. You see that couple over there? One person is telling a story, the other is looking down, swiping left, swiping right, scrolling up, scrolling down, disengaged, answering call after call, responding to text after text.

Or wait, what about that one? Both are silent with their heads down, their faces lit up with new iPhone 10s firmly in hand. Yeah, they haven’t even looked up at each other in ages!

With the technological advances these days, people are so inundated with their mobile devices that they forget to pay attention to those outside of their technological bubbles, i.e. social media. In turn, neglecting those nearest and dearest to them without even realizing it. They forget the importance of human interaction and interpersonal relationships, putting these on hold just to tend to the web.

Our society has been programmed to be readily available, to be connected to our mobile devices as if they are part of us; surely, they’re most definitely taking over us. We’ve evolved into a species that dissociates from one another, and instead of communicating verbally, we give up, and disconnect from the here and now almost entirely.

Ahh! Am I the only one who finds this incredibly devastating?


Now ask yourself.. Has your ability to be “mobile” changed you? Has social media changed the way you interact with others? Are you so disconnected that it’s affecting your relationships? If your answer is yes, you may want to rethink a few things.

You don’t want to be that person that missed out on life because you were too busy spending time outside of the present nor do you want to be that person who looks past another, instead of giving them your full and undivided attention. Because when you disregard another being in that fashion, it shows them you don’t value their time, nor do you respect them as individuals. No one’s ever going to look back on their life and think, “I know, I lost wonderful people in my life, but I’m glad all of these strangers on the internet love me.”

My advice is this, be a good human daily and treat others like they, too, matter. Be someone who loves and lives so freely that when you are 90yrs old, you remember how great it was to have experienced life for what it was, not what you had wished for. Be undoubtedly present no matter the circumstance, and always practice gratitude for the people who love you for you, not who you’ve made yourself to be on the internet. It’s a beautiful world out there; why aren’t you living in it?