No Thigh Gap, No Problem!

Written By: RO

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham

Summer is coming faster than flies to poop and you didn't get the rock hard abs you have (maybe) been working your ass off for...its cool man! That shouldn't hold you back! You need to love the skin you're in and strut your stuff because confidence looks good on everyone!

Get it out of your head that you NEED to look a certain way for summer. It's just a season people. Were you seriously going to parade at the workplace in your bikini? Or go to that ONE big bash on July 4th then stash away the swimsuit and cocktail pool floatie till next Summer? See where I'm going with this? Yes? Ok good, moving along.

Summer time is a great time to wear crop tops and booty shorts. It can get hot af, but seriously, do you really want shorts in the middle of your ass cheeks? Or how about leaving your sweaty ass leaving marks on surfaces where you sit? Oh said no one ever!

Take a chill pill and relax lovey. Summer is also a time to wear majestic flowy dresses. Sheer tops or skirts also leave wild sexy thoughts to the imagination. How about a lace top or a mesh jumpsuit? You can always rock a flirty skirt with a t shirt and your chucks.

If you're hangin by the pool and so is your cellulite, wear a cover up that is fun, sexy, and most importantly makes you feel beautiful. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way you look now!! Embrace Your curves, dimples, and scars. It makes you unique. It makes you, YOU!