How to Slay Pride Month

Written By: Kimberly Davis


Head to toe rainbows and sparkles, not because I’m a unicorn (shh, don’t tell anyone), but because one of my favorite events of the year started on June 1st. Pride month! June is the designated month to celebrate and honor all the great accomplishments of the LGBTQ+ community, but also to raise awareness of the problems that they’re still faced with every day.


I had the honor of going to NYC Pride last year for the first time with my best friends. While there are dozens of different Pride parades in many cities around the world, there are other ways you can celebrate Pride! Pride is all about celebrating the things that make us different and unique, and there’s no right or wrong way to celebrate it. Do you! And do it with lots of rainbow colors, glitter, and tiaras, because, why not?

Consume Positive LQBT+ Media

The LGBTQ community is not always represented in the media, and often when they are it isn’t always the nicest article or movie. But there are still positive and informative LGBT movies and documentaries out there such as But I'm A Cheerleader, Tangerine, Carol, The Way He Looks, Love Of Siam and of course Orange is the New Black. For feel good LGBT family shows, try Modern Family or The Fosters.


Volunteer at your local LGBT+ Business Owner

It’s an opportunity to shop? Do I really need to convince you? Go forth and find fabulous deals!


Check out an LGBTQ friendly Burlesque show

The community exists in all kinds of spaces! And depending on what you’re interested in, it can be cool to explore new ways to be sex positive and body positive.

Visit LGBTQ Art and Museum Exhibits

Check out what museums near you will be hosting LGBTQ themes during Pride month, as well as what queer artists will be showcasing their artwork in your area. Museum and art outings are great for that me-time you deserve and need, and work great as family bonding experiences and first date ideas. Music is art too! You can even explore queer musicians, you may even find a new favorite!

Happy Pride! And always be your true and authentic self! No matter what month it is.

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