“The Missing Pieces to The Carters’ Tourbook”

Written By: Niya Smith


On this episode of, “My Private Public Life,” Beyonce & Jay Z launched the European leg of the On The Run II Tour at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.

Since the tour commenced 6 days ago, the internet has been trying to piece together the parts of this visual lookbook. The pictures, graciously shared by the nobles that can afford the tickets, are truly my life aspirations in print, but let’s not allow it to overshadow the question, where is the new music?

I will absolutely STILL recite every lyric but I was confident that new music would've been released. Queen Bey is known for disruptions & while I still believe in miracles I’ll contribute three theories as we watch this unfold.

There is no new music coming. It’s possible that following Beychella, there wasn’t time to be mommy, daddy & record. “Creating music that lasts a lifetime” may be literal as they continue to serenade us with the 03’ Bonnie & Clyde. All speculation of course.

They will release a new album after the first leg of the tour. That wouldn't be fair to the first leg of the tour thought, right? I’ve studied their business etiquette over the years & aside from this being their natural born talent, I’m sure they have considered that millions have paid to see something, new.

They could feel that sharing intimate family moments is equivalent to releasing new music. Beyonce occasionally drops her synchronized photos on the gram but we never see any behind the scenes movement until they are working - perhaps they believe sharing these family experiences are equivalent to sharing it through words via album. I’m not mad about it at all but, still.

Until they make a move, I’ll be drooling over these life goals?



Ni. @niyaunique