Essentials for Summer Travel

Written By: Erin Bach

Twenty-four hours from now I’ll be headed to the airport to begin a thirteen-day, two-country, four-city adventure with my husband. The predicted weather ranges from the 50s in the evenings to near 90 some days, rain is likely, and oh by the way, I need to bring attire for a three-day wedding event as well. So yeah, I’d say travel and packing have been on my mind.


Google “summer travel packing tips” and there is no shortage of how-tos on packing light, capsule wardrobes, and tricks to get everything into a carry-on (seriously, it’s impressive). And while all of that is useful, what I’m here to offer are summer travel essentials that you may not find on Pinterest’s packing boards. These are musts no matter your destination.

Things You NEED to Pack:

#1 Less than you think  

Are you a perpetual overpacker like me? “Just in case” is usually my mantra, but there is a fine line between being prepared and being preposterous.

The key is to plan ahead. Check the weather, consider your laundry situation, actually try on all the pieces you want to bring instead of just tossing in another t-shirt “because it’s cute.”

Recently, I found this handy dandy packing planner from that is making me really think through what I need to feel good about my clothes while I’m away from my closet.

#2 YOU time survival kit

Sure, clothes are important, but make sure you leave some space in the suitcase for your “you time toolkit.” Travelling is amazing, but it’s also exhausting, and being away from home can lead to letting self-care slip.

Set up a travel altar at your hotel or airbnb with a few meaningful objects. Bring an inspirational book to read before bed. Maybe all you need is a cozy scarf you can wrap around yourself as you sit for a few minutes of silence in the morning and sip your coffee.


If you want, load music or guided meditations on your phone to create an audio oasis to enjoy when you need it. Don’t forget the headphones!  

#3 Confidence

As beautiful as travelling is, it doesn’t always bring out the best in us. Long days, jet lag, and wrinkled clothes can leave us grumpy instead of grateful. Bringing clothes you feel confident in as well as a good attitude will go a long way.

How does that good attitude appear? By avoiding these three travel traps:

#1 Expectations

Drop the expectations, especially if you’re travelling to a place you haven’t been. Just open yourself up to the experience and enjoy the ride.


#2 Perfection

There is no such thing as a perfect trip, so don’t even bother. Plans will get changed, you’ll realize you forgot something at home, you’ll spill red wine on your white shirt. It’s okay. Deciding to live life is deciding to deal with the imperfections. Embrace all of it!

#3 Control

This is the toughest one, but also the most important. You won’t be able to control the weather or a flight delay or the noisy woman next to you on the train. You can only control how you respond to these things.


Take a breath, go with the flow, your trip will be better for it and you’ll  truly be able to enjoy the experience.

Bon Voyage!