Your Art Matters

Written By: Danielle James@danielleeejames

Every June, every former, current, and future theatre kid parks themselves in front of the TV for the Tony Awards live from Radio City Music Hall. It’s a beautiful celebration of the joy of live theatre, a night to honor the collaborative art of the stage. And every year, it reignites the fire for creating art for many people who’ve burnt out due to the current state of our world.

Art is human reflection. Art has healing powers. Art is magic. Now more than ever, art matters.


Whether it’s live music, spoken word poetry, painting, performing, acting, writing, lighting design, sound mixing, animation, or sketching, art gives us the freedom to express who we are, what we believe in, and what we dream of in the future. In a world where political divide, attacks on human rights, and an ever-deepening disconnect between technology and reality work tirelessly to separate us from our true selves, art helps us reconnect with our souls and the people around us.

Don’t stop creating. If you have a voice, use it. Amplify it through your creations. Donate to local arts programs, theatres, and galleries. Support the artists in your life by buying and promoting their work or simply showing up for them.


Finding light in the darkness through freedom of artistic expression can be the one thing that keeps people going through the troubles and hardships of everyday life. Amplify it. Promote it. Enjoy it. Live it. Support art. Art matters.