I Learned It From My Dad

Written By: Lacy Bundy


We’ve all heard it before; Having a strong male or father figure is essential in a young boy’s life. But what about for a young girl’s life? In my experience, it’s equally important for young women to have positive male influence in her life, especially early on.

My father-daughter story is not unique, and like many women out there, I had a biological father that, let’s just say, chose to be absent. Then came Paul or “Saint Paul” as he’s known now. My step-dad, my Dad, came into my life and showed me what it meant to have a father. Not only did he take on the role of dad to two girls under the age of 5, but even through those horrendous, hormonal teenage years when I’m sure he wanted to pack up, get in the car and be placed in witness protection, he stayed and helped shape my sister and I into the women we are today. Remember how I called him a Saint? I wasn’t joking!


The world is full of good dads and since Father’s Day just gives me all the feels, I reached out to my ladies and asked what they felt was the most important lessons, qualities, or advice their fathers gave them. Almost all the women, whether their fathers were present or absent, shared many of the same sentiments:

  • Chivalry Isn’t Dead

Dads know how priceless their daughters are and that they should be treated as such. Through their love and relationship with them and their mother, girls learn at a young age what it means to have a respectful, loving man in her life. And to not settle for anything less. So really, we can thank our dads when we find “our one.”

  • I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T

Gone are the days of fragile, incapable women and dads know it. From changing the oil in the car to showing us how to provide for ourselves through unstoppable work ethic, fathers teach us to be fierce women. We don’t NEED a man to handle shit for us nor do we need them to pay our way, we are capable enough on our own to get it done! Thanks to Dad, we know that if that knight in shining armor never comes, we will do just fine without them.

  • Do No Harm, But Take No Shit

Whether fighting for career success, or a battle to beat depression, they tell us fight like Hell! Fathers teach us to never back down and be resilient in the fight for what we deserve in this world and for our happiness. And when pushed up against a wall, fight back, but also know when to walk away.

  • Be True To Yourself

Many dads are the first beacons of self-love light we have in this world. They know that all our perceived flaws, uniqueness, and quirks are actually what makes us wonderful, beautiful women. They also teach us to continually better ourselves and always be the best version of who we are; the version they see. Believe them and don’t ever apologize for who you are, because Dad is right.

  • Loyalty and Support is Everything    

There is a true comfort in knowing Dad will always be there. How many times have you screwed up, but your dad always had your back? Too many to count? Me too. Dads not only to hold us accountable for our screw ups, but love and support us with a fierceness, regardless of circumstance. And that loyalty doesn’t live in blood lines, but it’s a choice. Their example follows us into our adult lives and guides us to be loyal, kind, supportive women. And the world could always use more of those.


Shout out to all the loving, strong, supportive, kind dads out there! Happy Father’s Day.

P.S. We also love all your dad jokes. Keep ‘em coming.