Why are nerds the future?

Written By: Alyssa Rogers

This is for the nerds. For those that game, draw, create, play, and inspire.

As I sit here writing this, my family is watching some important NBA game, completely immersed, providing commentary and having fun. Because that’s their thing. Meanwhile, I am observing them and smiling and writing because that’s my thing.

Having a “thing” is important. Having nerdy hobbies that we share with other like-minded members of a community is energizing. Even as a chronic introvert, I find myself significantly happier after hanging out with friends at a book club meeting or gym session that I initially wanted to cancel on. Hobbies relieve stress. They help us to maintain relationships and to generally have fun and escape the not-so-glorious parts of life like sorting laundry and cleaning house.


However, sometimes it seems like hobbies that are less than mainstream aren’t taken as seriously - hardcore gaming, larping, stamp collecting, Pokemon anything, solving crosswords, extreme couponing. The truth is, anything that gets us excited, talking to other humans, and having fun is a legitimate hobby and should be appreciated. Whether it is painting on canvas or painting miniature Star Wars figures or canning produce from your garden or running marathons, a hobby is a hobby.

We all have a thing that we heavily nerd about. Just think about the fervor that sports fans operate with. With their jerseys, cards, signed paraphernalia, television channels dedicated to nothing but sports, limited edition sneakers. No one really bats an eye or looks twice at that hobby. But with that much passion (and sometimes obsession), sports hobbies are definitely  nerdy.


When you are in the zone while you are gaming, drawing, creating, playing, and inspiring, you are shining and glowing and bright and your most beautiful! There is nothing quite like magnetism and contagious energy of a person who is completely enveloped in their nerdy passions.

So go do your thing, whatever it is, and do it with pride.