What Women are Thinking...While Online Dating


Online dating is not something I have been particularly interested in at past points of time, but I finally realized that life is not a romantic movie or book (sorry - spoiler alert) and dates are not going to fall out of the sky.

It is time to take action, ladies!


As fellow Sunday Morning View writer, Emma Grosskopf said in her article, “I Have A Thing For”, when the high of judging and swiping settles, dating apps can just be a drag on your soul with the uninspired conversations and feelings of inadequacy.

So here is my first piece of advice -


Some people you meet are going to be rude, but that’s why the Unmatch feature is there. Let those dumb comments roll off your back and swipe on.


My other piece of advice is to be clear about what you want. Not everyone is going to work out and that is the joy of the app – moving on to the next.

Of course that is easier said than done. I decided to share my top 15 thoughts while swiping over the past couple of weeks to hopefully make you laugh and show you that you’re not alone.

1. How to describe myself in a short, witty way.


(This is why I have friends with man-weakening powers write my bios.)

2. HOLY SHIT - I don’t know how any of this works anymore. What do I do with my fingers?

3. What is a Super Like and why do I keep sending people there?

4. Why does everyone think they can rock a lumberjack beard? If you grow it, at least TRY to groom it!

5. Why does no one spell check their bios?

6. CUTE PUPPY! I want to cuddle it!

7. Since when is everyone rock climbing?

8. Why are they asking for my Snapchat ID in the second message? We have only said hello to each other.

9. Oh my gosh, this dog is SO CUTE!

10. When did I become such a prude?

11. Seriously, do guys only take pictures when they target practice at the gun range?

12. How do I meet the dogs in these pictures?

13. This guy’s profile says 28, yet his bio says he’s 19 - Who is still lying about their age online?   

14. Wait...I had a message earlier. Did he seriously unmatch me because I didn’t respond quick enough?


15. But seriously - how do I meet all these dogs?