Quarter Life Crisis- downloading now

Written By: : Chantel M. Rivera ~ @chanty_m


So, quarter-life crisis are real, right? I am going to say yes, because I am pretty sure I’m going through one right now, and have been for the past several months. You may be too if you are…

  • Constantly asking yourself what you are supposed to be doing next, and stress over how to get there?

  • If you wonder what you’re going to be doing in five years, and the thought of being at the same job makes you want to puke.

  • Every time you close your eyes you see the things you hope to achieve far off in the distance, but in between is this huge chasm, and you’ve yet to devise a way to get across.

  • Wake up thinking- surely this can’t be all there is to being an adult, right?


In short, aren’t we all freaking out just a little bit, or is it me?

When stripping things down I started to think about what was really causing this sudden panic when thinking of the future. Was it restlessness, fear of the unknown, or the fear of actually achieving my aspirations, and it not being enough? Is it a strange cocktail of the three? I have found, we struggle most with that space in between. The space between where we are and where we want to be. Our current circumstances don’t dictate our future unless we allow them too, so why does the space that allows for change and growth intimidate so many of us?


I know this is an article, and as the writer, I am supposed to have some type of answer or advise to share, but tonight I have more questions? There is always going to be that space between our reality and our dreams. At times it will feel like it is the deepest chasm, and in other moments nothing more than a crack in the pavement. What I’m learning to do is focus on the small, and often repetitive, tasks it takes to connect the two sides. Take comfort in knowing that the stranger who wrote these words you’re reading, is feeling the same way you may now, or have before. Don’t focus on the gap. Focus on what it will take to close it, and start small.


-Chantel M. Rivera