Just Accept the Kindness

Written By: RO


My title says it all. Kindness, nowadays with nothing in return, is a rare find. If you ever come across someone trying to shower you with kindness, take it in homie!!! You ain't gotta be all modest! Accept the Kindness. All for one reason, so that that person or persons, may be blessed with kindness as well.

I believe the universe repays us the actions we have set forth. You treat people like shit, that's exactly what you will get back...shit. You know karma right?  She is mighty faithful. She will always come and get you, like diarrhea. Her timing is impeccable.

This action I'm asking you to participate in is like accepting a compliment. When someone pays you one, you don't have to answer with a negative!! That's so annoying! Then, you leave that person forced into a) having to give you another compliment to make you feel better about yourself b) not wanting to give you another compliment ever again. So just say thanks, smile, and take it in that another human showed you kindness just because.

So next time someone offers to pay for your lunch, say thank you! Don't get it twisted though. You do have to pay it back one way or another through another kind gesture. It doesn't have to be for the same person. Sometimes that's just too hard to plan out. Pay it forward by buying someone else lunch later that week or when you get a chance.

Not all kindness is centered around money. I'm sure you knew that. Show up with flowers, offer someone a ride, invite a friend out to do a fun activity, give a special someone a call, cook dinner, set up a romantic bath, give a massage, offer to do an extra chore… the list can go on. You get the picture. As the saying goes, throw kindness around like confetti!