But if you fail

Written By: Alyssa Rogers

We all know we live in a culture of go go go. It asks us to never fail, or fall off track, and to always look good doing it. Despite our individual goals or lifestyles or current circumstances, we all feel the pressure. We hear it from self-help gurus and contemporary spiritual money-makers: if you want something bad enough, you can do it! But if you fail, then you didn't work hard enough.

Go ahead, walk into your local DMV or onto a college campus or strip mall or anywhere that humans congregate. We have an M.O. for sure: if we care, we care 100% or not at all. Our expectations for ourselves are balls to the wall ridiculous.


If we aren't good at something, we give up. Not because we aren't capable or because we don't want it bad enough, but because we are afraid of failing and appearing weak. When I see my fellow women struggling with this, I want to shout, in the most loving, supportive way possible, that they are amazing, fantastic, beautiful, glorious women. I might also be so inclined as to calmly offer this advice:

1. Be unapologetic and give zero fucks about what other people think about your goals and if you reach them.

2. Prioritize yourself. You know what you want. Most importantly - you know how much you want what you want.  

3. Have a game plan. Take pen to paper and map that shit out.

4. But don't be afraid of failure. You may not achieve everything you want. And if you do succeed, however, you likely won't rock without your mascara running a little bit or some sweat stains on your shirt.  

5. And finally - give yourself some grace, love. You are not perfect. You will never be perfect.


So go start that blog, now! Take up cross stitch, now! But most importantly - give yourself some grace, always.