Sex and the City Reboot

Written by: Michelle Davalos ~ @michelle.g.davalos

Hello, lover!

It’s been 20 years since the first airing of Sex and the City and one can’t help wonder (wink) what type of show would we be watching if it were aired today? As you may know, the tv series was based off a book (Sex and the City) but the show took its liberties exaggerating the characters and their storylines. Each week brought a new story, a new love, a new adventure, new personalities and most importantly…cutting edge fashion! In 1998, the internet wasn’t a norm for looking up the current trends and OMGaud, dial up took forever. So, the best way to experience new and upcoming designers  was to purchase magazines. SATC brought sex and fashion into our homes weekly, regardless of the size of our pocket books and partner status, Sunday evenings were our days to explore the meaning of love, friendship, and posh threads.


If filmed today, I’d imagine a cast from different corners of entertainment. Issa Rae would play the lead, naturally. Instead of being a columnist for a New York newspaper, each episode would be based around her uptown clients as a personal stylist and her vlog, sponsored by Vogue.


Supporting actors would be:

Allison Williams would play the up-tight, neurotic, over-achiever but a bit lost (much like Marnie from Girls). Instead of trying to find love, her goal is to find ultimate nirvana within. This character would bring mindfulness to a whole new level.


Laverne Cox character would be everything that embodies what it is to be a woman in 2018. Confidence, intelligence, professional success, and a healthy sex life.


Chrissy Teigen would play, well, she would play herself! She’s super witty, clever, kind, and most importantly she exudes beauty inside out.


I wouldn’t be mad an attempt to reboot SATC! No more movies tho, the movies are a firm pass. Keep it as a series for us to escape reality for 30 mins.

“Dear TV Gods, do you hear me; reboot the series and no more movies.”

Much love today and always,