Think It Through

Written By: RO

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“Don't make permanent decisions based on a temporary situation.” Heard this on the radio today. Can I get a hell yeah!? Too many times we get caught up in the moments and let the impulsive monster take over our emotions and logic and decision making. Take a freaking chill pill, and then just chill the fuck out. Think it through.

So you and your boo had a fight? Stop the I hate you forever speech and just take some time away from each other. You need to just let the wind hit you from a different direction. Let the wind bitch slap back to the times y’all were in love and continue on from that perspective. Don't break up over silly indifferences. I mean, fack, if Beyonce and Jay-Z can work through it, so can you. Think it through.

You gained some weight now you want to lipo it all out? Okay, THINK IT THROUGH! Ok, It's your body, correct, Amen to that sista! However, look at it this the time you schedule a consultation, the procedure, post-op visits AND do the recovery period which involves eating healthy and small portions, that's at least three to four months. The same amount of time to lose a significant amount of weight or body fat.For free. Plus the cost of food. (Ha, that was so infomercial!) Think it through yo!

You finally decided to get some ink done? Time and time again, you will hear it from people with tats, make sure its it's what you want and you are certain you are ready..yup here it comes, think it through. Tattoos aren't like haircuts. Eventually hair will grow and in a few weeks you can have a do-over. Tats, is like drawing free hand with a marker instead of using a pencil first. Once it's done, it's done. Tattoos can be beautiful skin art or a dreadful bloody mess. Eventually you will be wrinkly..will that tattoo still look the same when you are 85? Remember tattoos are personalized and meant for you. Not for the significant other who may have been twice removed over the past 6 months.

Just think it all through lovies!