The Pleasures of Solitude

Written By: RO


Alone time is underrated. Being alone doesn't mean you are not a desirable person to be with. Being alone means you can handle being your own company.  Yes you can go to dinner with whomever you want, no questions asked! You can also enjoy dividing your time however it pleases YOU! Let's examine alone time however through a different lens shall we?

Alone time is great for many reasons. You can be selfish with your thoughts.  You can do all your self care on your own watch. Exfoliate your whole body, tweeze the brows or pick at your ingrowns if you damn well please! Or meditate and practice deep breathing. Take those long baths with the candles and the bubbles and enjoy a drank! Self care brings you to a happy place. So why not be there ALL THE TIME!

Once you have a significant other in the picture,  whether its a romantic relationship or a furry one ( I'm talking about fur babies) alone time won't come around as often or last just as long as it did before.  The compensation for it though is totally worth it.

In the meantime,  take that yoga class, go to dinner by yourself, disconnect from your environment and be in tune with yourself. There's nothing wrong with that!! The new buzz is more and more people are getting hitched or having serious relationships at a later time in their life because you will never get that time again where you can be selfish with yourself. So my advice? Say yes to that $300 handbag. Say yes to the monthly facials. Say yes to eating out of ice cream tubs and watching reruns of Law & Order SVU. Say yes to whatever your little heart desires. Say yes to a relationship, with yourself.