Make Some Lemonade

Written By: RO


Ever had a vacay in the mountains? Me neither. I found myself deep in thought when I was surrounded by old ass trees. I couldn't find that part of myself that makes the best of every situation.  That's when it hit me, I gotta make some lemonade with these lemons mother nature has seriously just thrown right in my face.

I took a lot of deep breaths and thought about how much this vacay sucked ass. Then I took  a lesson from my toddler, and started making some lemonade.

She laughed and ran around and I constantly sanitized her hands and wiped her face from all the sweat dripping from her face. Not once did she stop smiling. That's when it hit me, make some freaking lemonade already damn it.

I was moaning and groaning while my stay at this national forest and I was meant to wake up and realize, it's all about making memories.

So, long story short, y’all gotta stop taking your life for granted and take deep breaths, life ain't that bad. Here's the thing, all it is, is that it's not what you are you used to. See, mother nature not only intentionally works in mysterious ways, but she shows up when you least want her to. Am I right? Like during a vacation? This time however she showed up to slap me in the f*ckin face and told me how precious my life is. It's not all about having room service. We are given a gift to celebrate life each day as if it were our last.

I asked myself, did I celebrate my life today? Or did I moan and groan about what I didn't have? Am I being grateful for the people in my life that I'm on this not so great vacay with? I invite you, right now, to ask yourself these questions. Reflect.