Trends That are Making a Comeback


As a lot of trends from the past start to reappear slowly but surely it can be hard to keep up with these bold new items. Some items that first sparked these recycled trends are scrunchies, thigh high boots, and mini skirts. In support to these trends patterns are coming back and they are coming back bold. At the moment stripes, plaid, and camouflage are on the rise.

The popular pattern of plaid is most often seen in skirts or trousers, while stripes are coming in both shirts and pants. Camouflage has always been fairly popular in shirt form but currently camouflage leggings and dresses are becoming more popular by the day. Additional trends that are coming back include cordaroy, mocknecks, and bomber jackets. My advice is to either go through your old clothes in the attic, go to a goodwill, or any department store to find some authentic pieces or recreations of these trends.