Keep Your Lips Kissable During Winter Weather


In these frigid winter months as the air turns flat, dry, and chilling beauty begins to suffer through dry skin, lips, and hair. Here are some simples steps to curing your dry lips this winter.

1. Use a lip scrub.

I use a homemade natural lip scrub made of sugar and honey and I scrub my lips with it about three times a week to prevent cracks and peeling.

2. Apply a lip mask.

I use the rose lip mask from sephora to rejuvenate my lips.

3. Always wear chapstick especially a healing one before bed.

I use the gel carmex because it appears shiny and is extremely healing and hydrating.

Tips: Avoid matte lipsticks and if you wear them drink a lot of water, remove them correctly, and apply a healing chapstick afterwards. If you want a bit of color but don’t want to dry your lips out try Burt's Bees tinted lip balm or the high end Sugar tinted lip treatment.

*Bonus: Use Palmers Cocoa Butter Lotion for dry skin, moroccan oil for dry hair and you should be exfoliating your whole body at least twice a week.

Stay warm and hydrated!