Subtle Sexy Eyeshadow for Date Night


To achieve this subtle yet sexy smoked out eyeshadow I will be using the Tartelette in bloom palette.

  1. Take a light brown and mix it with a subtle platinum and blend it in your crease and pull it slightly onto your lid with a fluffy blending brush. I used jetsetter and rocket for this step.

  2. Take a glittery bronze and place it on your lid with a flat packing brush. I used the shade firecracker.  I then blended it slightly with the uncleaned blending brush from step one to create a more subtle shade transition.

  3. To complete this smoked out look I took a small pointed blending brush and took a black eyeshadow and blended it out on my lower lash line and slightly on my upper lash line. This creates a sexy smouldering darkness without using a lot of heavy makeup or eye liner. I used the shade smokeshow.

  4. If you want you can finish your look with some mascara, which I did and in these pictures I used the Better Than Sex Mascara because I wanted a fluffy natural eyelash look to even out the darker eyeshadow.

If you want to use mascara but you are not sure which one check out my previous article, The Best Mascara to Flawlessly Finish Your Look.